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What's the best way to track business mileage?

If you're a business owner, you know that tracking your mileage is an important part of keeping your expenses in check. Using your own car can have perks for business owners and with the cost of fuel every penny helps. You need to keep track of your mileage if you’re self-employed because you must itemise your business trips for HMRC come self assessment time. As a driver in 2022, you’re entitled to 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p a mile thereafter. You can add another 5p per mile if you’re carrying a business passenger.

Did you know there are apps specifically designed to help with this?

Below are 4 ways you can track your mileage easily so you can claim all your business mileage.

Remember your commute from home to your place of work does not count as business mileage.

Mileage IQ app - With the use of this intelligent app you can track your mileage without even knowing it! The app will run in the background and automatically capture the mileage when you drive. Their one swipe classification feature means it’s easy to determine whether your journey is for personal or business reasons. You can use the dashboard to produce weekly reports, giving you an insight into the mileage you are doing.

Quickbooks Online - Quickbooks are currently offering 50% off their software for the first 6 months. The mileage tracking app is a feature of the basic package and works in the same way as Mileage IQ. Mileage can be tracked at Quickbooks online or via the app. Your mileage is tracked via your phone's location and you can capture all your expenses in one place.

If you are a Xero user you can use Tripcatcher, as well as integrating with Xero it will also publish to Dext or Expensify. This clever technology will also revert from 45p per mile to 25p per mile as soon as you exceed 10,000 miles. The Tripcatcher app uses Google Maps to track your mileage each time you make a journey.

Maybe you’re not tech savvy and you find all this software a little overwhelming. If so, you can always use a notepad and keep it in your glove box to track all your business journeys. If you need an excel template, I have one, just email me for a copy.

Whatever you use, make sure you keep a record of the miles and don’t forget to claim. The money is better in your pocket than the taxman’s!

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