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What is a Virtual FD and why do I need one?

A Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer gives a business the solid foundation to grow and offers the business owners guidance on strategy whilst developing clear financial policies and procedures and sound financial management of the business.

A Finance Director (FD) can support your business in so many different ways by helping you answer questions like:

✅Do you want to take your business to the next level?

✅Do you looking to scale up and seek additional investment?

✅Do you want to know the areas in your business which are most profitable?

✅Do you need to know the rate of return of projects?

✅Do you have loans and want to know if you can afford them or pay them off early?

✅Or do you want to be comfortable in the knowledge that your business is on track to deliver the ambitious goals that you have set?

Maybe you would like these services but as a business owner you may not be able to afford your own FD at the moment. This is where a Virtual FD can help provide the breadth of knowledge and experience along with business insights they can give you on how your business is performing on a monthly basis to get closer to achieving your goals.

Our Virtual FD service consists of business and strategic planning and supporting the directors and owners and can provide any of the following services:

Sits on board meetings

Budgeting and forecasting reporting

Cash flow optimisation


Tax planning

Reviewing and setting KPIs

Client profitability

Finance team training and mentoring

Finance systems review

A Virtual FD gives you access, in a flexible and affordable way, to an experienced business partner who can offer strategic financial insights, allowing you to focus on the profitable areas of your business.

We understand that working with a Finance Director can represent a significant investment on your part. This is why we offer fully flexible services from one day a month to one day a week, as well as one off projects.

Do I need to change accountant? No, it is possible to use our Virtual FD’s as a standalone service, working with your existing accountant or bookkeeper.

Let's get started contact us to arrange your discovery call.


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