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How can I work out my payment reference when paying PAYE to HMRC?

Each year HMRC will send out a letter to all employers explaining your PAYE reference number, this can vary if payments are not paid on time. However there is a way of working this out yourself if you need to.

Where can I find my PAYE number?

You receive your PAYE number when the PAYE scheme is set up and HMRC will send you a letter to let you know and sometimes provide paying in slips. I would make a note of this number and let your accountant or bookkeeper know too.

If you have access to the HMRC portal, you can find your PAYE on your business portal. If you are an employee, your employer's PAYE number should be on your payslips, P45 or P60s.

What is the Accounts office reference number?

An Accounts office reference number is what forms the beginning of your PAYE payment reference, this is also sometimes known as your collection reference. This part of the reference number never changes. This is in the format of: 123AB45678910

Next Step

This is the part which is dependent on the tax year. The last 4 digits are YYMM. The year will be the end of the current tax year, for example 2022-2023 will be 23. MM will represent the tax month, for example 6th April to 5th May is Month 1 so this will be 01


Therefore the full reference number for March 2023 would be 123AB456789102312

If you have any questions or require further support please get in touch.

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