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How can I use Shopify and Quickbooks?

We have recently taken on a client who is an e-commerce business selling on her website through Shopify, and she was spending hours doing her bookkeeping on Quickbooks Online.

The client contacted us through a mutual business connection as she was concerned she was doing everything wrong as the bookkeeping took so much time each month and asked if I could help check through her books and advise on streamlining her bookkeeping.

I recommended she looked at A2X app to link the two. It took one session to connect the two accounts to upload the transactions and completed in minutes.

What are the key benefits of A2X

  • A2X for Shopify posts Shopify store sales automatically to QuickBooks and reconciles your payouts so that you know everything has been accounted for correctly.

  • Set it and forget it - It takes two minutes to set up, then A2X generates payout summaries that reconcile each time a payout hits your bank account.

  • Multi-channel & multi-currency support - A2X for Shopify supports all your Shopify stores, in any currency, including multi-currency stores and stores offering more than one method of payment, including support for Amazon Pay.

How it works with QuickBooks

A2X for Shopify, connect to your Shopify store using your Shopify store, connect to QuickBooks. A2X will monitor your Shopify Store, detect payouts, and post-sales and fees automatically to your QuickBooks ledger.

If you would like to know more about Shopify and A2X, drop me a DM or comment below for more information.

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