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If you are looking for an accountant who gives you email and phone support and checks in with you throughout the year - then I can help. 


I like to work with businesses and help guide them make the right decisions.

Do you dream of a judgement-free accounting?

Do you worry about HMRC and whether you have done everything right?

Need financial and tax advice before it's too late?

That's why I created a dedicated, one-to-one service built around your business.

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Robyn Richards

I'm Robyn and I can provide you with a personal one to one accounting service for startups, entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses who want to understand their finances and help to guide them to where they want to be.


I provide Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax returns for Limited companies, providing a personal and individual service to Directors who want peace of mind, prompt service and accurate accounts.


For larger businesses requiring FD-level expertise our Virtual FD service can offer your business the opportunity to use my expertise to help shape and grow your business without having the cost of a full-time finance expert.


I will work with you and alongside your internal finance staff, bookkeeper or accountants to deliver a service that fits with your business and commercial needs.


Get in contact below to make sure you’re fully equipped for the journey ahead.


Let's Get Started

Would you like to change from your current accountant, this is how you can change - hassle free

Step 1


Arrange a call with me to discuss your goals and services you need

Step 2


Receive Quote for services,  sign Letter of Engagement and upload your identity documents to your personal online portal

Step 3


I’ll get in touch with your current accountant to handover your existing records.


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Karen, KG Bookkeeping

I wanted to offer the full accounting service to my clients but my bookkeeping practice license meant I could not certify accounts so used Robyn to help with preparing the year end accounts and corporation tax and it has benefitted my bookkeeping business and my clients.

Robyn always responds quickly to any requests and keeps me and the client informed along the way.  

I will be using her services for many years to come.

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Emma, Director

Excellent, Professional service, always on hand to give advice and reassurance.


I have been especially grateful for the fast response to the Covid-19 crises.  


Highly recommended to anyone who needs accounting services.

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Carol - Bookkeeper

One of my clients needed to create a budget and cashflow to raise finance.  I really did not have the time or the resources to help and their accountant quoted a high cost and a long lead time.

I contacted Robyn through LinkedIn and she was professional and discussed all the requirements with the clients and provided the reports they needed.... and they got the finance.


I am now using her services to prepare monthly management and cashflow reports for more clients and this has helped my service offerings and increased my profit.

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